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The Club

  • The Club focuses on developing and fostering protected vegetal varieties. The Club model is centred on protecting and increasing the value of the produce through intellectual property management. We contribute to the sustainability of a dynamic and prosperous sector that sets its sights on intellectual property.

  • We possess the members’, farmers’ and packers’ knowledge as well as the experience of our professionals. The Club fosters a supervision and proper treatment of the intellectual property that may generate profit.

  • We started our business out of a bunch of citrus produce growers and packers with their sights set on the future and wide knowledge about the sector, and developed a management model for the protected variety of tangerine Nadorcott. Our member amount has kept on growing within the citrus sector, hence becoming a well-known variety club at national level.

  • We are committed to the new technologies. Through our Internet portal www.clubvvp.com we provide our members with useful information, oficial documentation can easily be accessed and all the farms where the managed protected varieties are grown can be visualised.

The Articles of Association of the Club de Variedades Vegetales Protegidas are available here : download

How to join us

If you would like to join the Club, just download the below form that applies to you, depending on whether you are a grower or a packer, and send it to the Club by either fax (+34 960 111 128) or e-mail (cvvp@cvvp.es) altogether with the required data and receipt of the membership´s fee that you can pay through bank transfer or deposit into our Organisation´s current account number 2100.2110.08.0200192567. If you have any queries, we will be happy to help.

The membership´s annual fees according to article 9 of the Association are:
  • Grower

    0,10 euros per plant. Member must be owner of the plant and have the necessary exploitation licence.

  • Packer

    300 euros

  • Membership form to join Club as Nadorcott Grower (Rev-04)

  • Membership form to join Club as Nadorcott Packer (Rev-04)


  • Download individuals (ES)

  • Download companies (ES)



Also known as Afourer, it started out of a Tangor Murcott seed obtained at the INRA in Morocco. It is a very productive variety, with a vigorous tree. Its ripening time is around mid January and can remain on the tree in good shape until April. This variety goes quickly into production (75 Kg./tree in 4th year) and becomes very productive (150 Kg./ tree in full production).

It has a very particular fruitfulness, with a high number of lonely flowers that settle easily and build up bunch shapes. It is not self-compatible; it does not produce seeds unless there is crossed pollination. Given its vertical position tendency, it is necessary to prune tactically and remove any vertical sprouts in favour of the ones that are more horizontally located. Excellent reddish-orange colour, shiny; significant juice amount and easy peel-off feature. The Soluble Solids/Acidity relationship is pleasant.



Consult the list of authorized labelers.



Consult the list of authorized nurseries.

Capacity and label


Consult the capacity and label reports



Document repository

Here you will find a document repository with documents originated both at the Club and their collaborators´ end. Documents are normally downloadable (i.e. you can download them to print them out or save them in your hard disk to send out at a later stage). They are also usually operative from here (that is, you can fill them in and send them out on line).

Documents have been classified like this:


If you wish to perform an acquisition, transfer, replacement or removal of plants, please fill in the corresponding form and get in touch with the Club.

  • Plant Replacement Application Form (F-R, Rev-04)

  • Plant Move Application Form (F-T, Rev-03)

  • Label Print Form (F-T, Rev-03)

  • Tagger/applier data (Rev-00)

  • Declaration of Capacity (Rev-00)

  • Part of Designation of Nadorcott Taggers (Rev-00)

  • Request for tags to external manager (Rev-00)

  • Request Transfer between Nadorcott Taggers (Rev-00)

  • Production report of Nadorcott Licence Holders(Rev-00)

  • Production report of Nadorcott Taggers (Rev-00)

  • Solicitud de adquisición de derechos (solo asociados)

  • Solicitud de cesión de derechos (solo asociados)

  • Circular informativa concesión y suscripción de nuevas licencias NCTT o EDV NCTT

  • Formulario solicitud nuevas licencias NCTT o EDV NCTT


If you have downloaded a document and have not made use of it for a while, if might be outdated. Please make sure that you use the latest version of a document before sending it out by checking out this website. For your information, all docs have first been generated using the administrative label. If you are in doubt, please contact us.


The Club is pleased to rely on the following business partners:

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    Valenciana de Gestión Agraria S.L

    La Asociación Valenciana de Agricultores (AVA-ASAJA). es el Gestor Externo que dota de transparencia e independencia la gestión de la información que genera el sistema de identificación de la variedad Nadorcott.

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    Norma Agricola

    Norma Agrícola collaborates with CVVP as an authoritative partner to carry out field inspections, audits, and information management tasks. Norma Agrícola has developed the visualNACert solution, a Web-based geo-referencing viewer of protected variety farms.

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    Gesvatec is a system of identification an varietal management aim to provide the necessary control mechanisms to control the production of varieties or products protected and avoid possible fraudulent use that may arise in the process of marketing.

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