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Here you will find a document repository with documents originated both at the Club and their collaborators´ end. Documents are normally downloadable (i.e. you can download them to print them out or save them in your hard disk to send out at a later stage). They are also usually operative from here (that is, you can fill them in and send them out on line).

Documents have been classified like this:


If you wish to perform an acquisition, transfer, replacement or removal of plants, please fill in the corresponding form and get in touch with the Club.

  • Solicitud de adquisición de derechos (solo asociados)

  • Solicitud de cesión de derechos (solo asociados)

  • Circular informativa concesión y suscripción de nuevas licencias NCTT o EDV NCTT

  • Formulario solicitud nuevas licencias NCTT o EDV NCTT